Wednesday, December 30, 2009


i do believe in karma.
aku cuma dlm fasa membingungkan diri sendiri bila aku rasa aku sangat² dalam kesusahan.
i never stop raising my hands to God, pleading a sign that 'i will be okey, i can through this hardest time'.. but i do conscious that God isn't so easier to 'give that signs' ~
im wondering, by end of the time..what will be the karma of mine?


  1. dont think much about karma, dear.
    Allah is fair..and he knows the best 4 us.
    i have gone thru many experiences like that... and i know hwatever happens, happens for a reason.
    happy new yr, kizzy!

  2. i love this, same thing here...but I'll never give up on God!

  3. cuz,
    anything just call me ok! love ya XOXO

  4. belle~ ya i wish i could face those hard things

    aida~ alwys raise hands to God

    cuz~ sgt2 mahu menelefon dan berborak dgn kau!