Friday, April 30, 2010

driving from Felda Jengka - Temerloh - Felda Jengka

hey i drove away from Felda Jengka to Temerloh bck to Felda Jengka okey! ngeee heee
it was my first time, first experience driving on d highway & whats d bestest excitement was i pay the toll tau! *poyo je LOL

way back to home, we dropped by the stall selling the 'jeruk' like this;

i never found this any where in KK or other place in Sabah. the price RM 15 per bottle & i believe it's so popular, sgt money-making! =p

snap2 is essential thingy hehehe


  1. aku ingat tuh ko mmg suka ban2 bayar tol hehe

  2. cuz, hehe klu blh mau bisnis sini =p