Sunday, November 21, 2010

not KualaLumpur, but Penang

yeah, i'm going to Penang, finally! = instead flying to KualaLumpur.

i've made a promises to visit my sist & bro (since 2009 okey) but due to my 'biziness' (kunun la) so i really couldn't make it. dorang pun dah banyak kali tagih. sampaikan Apis nak hampar red kapet naga. (ciss.....)


i'll make it on September 2011. insya Allah.

*i didnt tick on baggage. i wanna try to save the luggage, which is mean i'll carry my bag on my shoulder. o dem, eeman taught me this and i'll kill her! sebab aku tau, my stuffs banyak gila esp when come to travelling! Y__Y


  1. aalalala kena caj la ni RM20 utk satu beg nnt

  2. aima~ aku mau try ndak kena caj ~ hehe
    btw, album anizz siap sdh ;) this weekend blh ambil?