Thursday, September 22, 2011

i miss Ernie Khairina

while i'm typing this, i couldn't stop my little tears to drop down. =) it's strange to talking or thinking like this but that's what i feel about right now.

i just read her blog just now. ya she is quite rajin to update her blog, pictures & story happens around her & family. siok mau baca & i can say that it encourages me to update my blog. haha!

and this time..i feel so miss of her! when i read & look at their beautiful pictures taken in Birm, it reminds me how close we were back once. i couldnt resist if i have 'a deep problem', i'll find her right away! =)

even though these past two years our conversation (tru phone, ym or fb) is not closer than before, but i can feel that our bond is still tight & we're always linked. mcm ada telepati. like she always said. hehe.

i can tell you that she is one you could forever talk to. She understands me in a way that if there is something wrong happened to me. that's why i love her.

my pray never stop hoping that may Allah SWT's blessing always with you & family, cuz. have a good life there. take care =)

*above are our photos back in 2009. that was my last visit to her. =)


  1. Adeh aku tiba2 ingat kenangan2 kita dlu. Kau & Ernie telah buat jiwa aku memberontak mau terbang pi Birm & huha sma tu mommy! Slalu gni kan, bila jauh baru rindu abisan.

  2. kizzy! join bah si err, mari bah cuzzzz.. tq tq love this entry!

    sabar jak la ambil gambar depan masjid haha

  3. tq cuz sebab suka entri ni.. =) hehe.. aduina mau join dia p sana tu berpikir aku. hehe ko tau la ni,uang nya itu fenting ;p;p

    itu gambar masjid ko punya ide tu.. sebab ko ckp: mana tau teda can sdh mau bgmbr dpn masjid ni.. hehehe