Saturday, December 25, 2010


loneliness is something killing me
but when we'r up to argue something stupid
i really hate the dullness and start asking
why am always stuck in 'ere in mindless situation?

i just wanna run away, far from the numbing
yet i don't want to hurt him
he doesn't deserve it, even a little

because he never left me for something fool
nor for some reasons he could leaves me
but he's still standing there
out of my door

baby, i just couldn't walk even for another step
without you, aside me
what a really needed you
every second in my life.




  1. cewah..cewah..mata kuar love2 la tu, kizzy :P

  2. muahahahaha! i br je nak jiwang blues tp u dah potong stim i! har3