Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marney's wedding l 12 Nov 2011 l Grand Borneo Hotel

it was a beautiful moment to share the joyful of my friend's wedding day and I doubled the enjoyment - the wedding reception of my two besties took diff place but on the same date, same time! ^^

i don't want to story you how did i manage it well (to attend both of the reception hahaha!) because it was so hard-to-rethink ok. just proceed to these pictures of Marneys.. she was so so gorgeous on her big day!

my pray goes to you Marney & Hubby, may God bless your wonderful marriage and have a happy happy life both of you. jangan gaduh2 ya. hehehehe

peace. pose yang tidak pernah mungkir. hehe

welcoming guests

senyum -happy -makan

genk kuat makan

photo-maniac semua ni haha

with mama Ana

the superb menu

gambar gambar lagi!

i am happy for you Mars!

before leaving

the awesome cake. nda dapat rasa pun nda apa.. yg fenting gambar! hehehhe

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